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The Wisdom of Aristotle, ‘80s Style

Before the early 1980s, complex storytelling in animation was restricted to films, while television was dominated by kid-friendly fare. On TV, animated programs told a story in 25 minutes or less, and each episode was designed to be independent so it didn’t matter in what order episodes were shown. We had masterpieces like Scooby Doo, Where Are You!, but Scooby and the gang never progressed beyond phrases like “Jinkies!” and “You want a Scooby Snack?”

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From Orientation to Onboarding — It’s More Than Giving Out a Company Mug

The year was 1990-something, and it was my first day at my first professional job as a pediatric medical office receptionist. I was greeted and then given a binder of standard HR policies and procedures (to read on my own, of course), a stack of forms to fill out, a company mug, and a quick tour of my work space (the front desk). I then spent time observing my friend, who had recommended me for the position, doing basic tasks while we chatted — mainly about our personal lives. By my third shift, I was on my own.

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